sábado, 31 de marzo de 2012


“Imagine ordinary people doing something atypical that escape our usual behavior.

Imagine campaigns that would fight against non-existent things or were asked the impossible.

Imagine people defending ideas opposed to their own.

Imagine people making mistakes in a premeditated manner.

Imagine we started inserting lies and truths randomly and that no one could really understand anyone.

Imagine that we create a revolution when it really just intend to be art.

Imagine we decide to change our standards of beauty considering beautiful what we thought usually ugly.

Imagine that art was present in all aspects of our lives.

Imagine how the system could swallow anything, when not even ourselves would know what we are talking about ...

Imagine all this dressed with cocks and crosses ...

That’s how Art could really change the world...”

The Phallic Repolution